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Looking for a leveling guild that offers you freedom to play at your own leisure?
Well look no further, Forbidden Desires is a CASUAL LEVELING guild based on the Gorefiend Server.

Many "hardcore" guilds demand that their members conform to their rules and expectations, controlling the game play of their members.

At Forbidden Desires we believe that our members should be given room to breathe and explore their own styles of game play without the constraints that many guilds enforce, and at the same time still offer non-compulsory guild orientated activities such as rated battlegrounds, arenas and world PVP.

We have both members who tend to log on religiously to PVP and also members that are more casual with their game play. We welcome both kinds of members and do our best to cater to the needs of all types of players.

We also welcome new players to join the guild and hope to offer them a welcoming environment where they are able to explore the game and their limits at their own pace. We hope to offer them guidance and motivation to excel without pressuring them to advance before they feel they are ready.

We realise that World of Warcraft is still only a game, and that real life must come first. Because of this we will always try our best to organise guild orientated activities at times that suit as many members as possible.

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